Activity Report of ROMSIM from the last EUROSIM Board Meeting to the present


ROMSIM is involved in organization of two periodic scientific seminaries: A seminary on Systems modeling and Simulation and a seminary on Mathematical modeling Simulation; the seminaries are attended each time by 15 to 20 specialists.

During the seminaries participants present and discuss both theoretical and applied contributions in the field of systems modeling and simulation.

Some PhD theses, elaborated on simulation and modelling subjects by some members of the seminar, are in progress.

Organization of conferences

ROMSIM was involved in the organization of two international conferences

"The International Conference of Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems (DGDS-2008)"


"The V-th International Colloquium of Mathematics in Engineering and Numerical Physics (MENP-5)" held on August 29 - September 02, 2008 at Callatis High School, Mangalia, near the Black Sea, Romania

Marius Radulescu was a member of the Scientific and Organizing Committee of the above conferences.

Participation to Conferences, workshops

Members of ROMSIM gave talks to several international conferences in 2008 with subjects in the domain of mathematical modelling and simulation.

  1. Tenth International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation (uksim 2008) Cambridge UK (one paper presented)
  2. 9th WSEAS Int. Conf. on Mathematics and Computers in Business and Economics (MCBE'08), Bucharest (three papers presented)
  3. 12th WSEAS International Conference on COMPUTERS, Heraklion, Greece, 2008 (three papers presented)
  4. EURO 2008 conference in Augsburg, Germany
  5. MIA 2008 conference in Trogir, Croatia

Publication activity

We emphasize also the activity of ROMSIM members in the field of publishing articles in international and/or Romanian journals.
6 papers were published in WSEAS Proceedings (ISI indexed), one paper in Proc. Romanian Academy (ISI indexed) and one paper in the Journal Studies in Informatics and Control. At the same time some members of ROMSIM (as dr. Florin Hartescu, dr. Constantza Zoie Radulescu and others) have published books and research articles in Romanian Journal for Informatics and Automatics.
One book with a subject connected to ruin theory (which has some simulation models), author Gheorghita Zbaganu was published in a collection of the Publishing House Geometry Balkan Press.
We emphasize the apparition of several book reviews of the book "Modelling of High Complexity Systems with Applications-a CD with application programs is attached" (author: Florin Stanciulescu) in journals as Kybernetes (USA), Simulation News Europe (Eurosim). Environmental Modelling & Software (Elsevier, Holland). Landscape Ecology (Elsevier, Holland), Studies in Informatics and Control (ICI, Romania), and a lot of other journals.

In 2011 was published a book chapter (chapter 5) entitled Operations research methods in production management with environmental constraints. The name of the book is Environmental Planning (ISBN: 978-1-61728-654-4) and the Publishing House is Nova Science Publishers, Inc. New-York. The book chapter has 32 pages and it has a subject connected to modeling and simulation.
Since the budgetary restrictions in Romania (which are acting very hard in the scientific research sector) ROMSIM members could not find financial support to participate at the UKSIM 2011 conference and consequently at the EUROSIM board meeting. ROMSIM members regret very much this situation and hope that in the near future the financial situation will improve and they will be able to participate to EUROSIM conferences and to the EUROSIM board meetings.
Since 2009 Romanian research workers had participated with papers mainly to national conferences. The reason is the financial crisis which determined a severe reduction of support for scientific research.
However at the 7th EUROSIM Congress, Prague, 5-10 Sept. 2010 had participated with papers in the domain of mathematical modelling and simulation 4 research workers from Romania.

February 2011

Dr. Florin Stanciulescu
President of ROMSIM
National Institute for Research in Informatics
Averescu Avenue 8-10
71316 Bucharest, Romania